Pet grooming professional branches out in unique way

Being in business often means tapping into something unique or different to set one’s enterprise apart from others.

Stacy Miller took over Oberjoch Boarding and Grooming Kennels in Newberry two years ago and has wasted little time putting her individual imprint on the business. Aware that many pet owners wanted to showcase their dogs in interesting ways, she decided to offer creative coloring at Oberjoch’s.

“It’s increasing in popularity,” she said.

As Miller painted the lower legs of her husband’s poodle, Beauty with red markings, she explained a little bit about this special grooming process. Some people make statements with their pets, she noted. Others may want to celebrate a holiday by having their dog colored with a symbol or words that carry such a message.

Beauty was being prepared to look patriotic. Miller had put red and blue stripes on Beauty’s lower legs, stars on her backside, and red and blue colored ears.

“Some people will know what they want,” she said. “Or, we can work with them.”

Miller said many dogs are cooperative as the process is going on. She enjoys doing the coloring, although, as she puts it, “It can be time consuming.”

Miller has three groomers to do the coloring. Her own grooming days go back to when she was a teenager and she worked on her own dogs. Over the years, she began grooming the dogs of others.

It was in 2011 that she bought Oberjoch from Carl Young and his wife, Waylene who had run the business for 32 years. Since then, she has made some drastic changes to the building on Reach Road. The office and reception areas have been remodeled and a small retail sales area added. Miller now offers overnight boarding to cats and other small animals including Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and reptiles. Dog day care is also available.

Future plans include a fenced in area behind the kennel to accommodate canine obedience and agility classes and another for an indoor dog park. Miller has earned a number of awards with her dogs and several have been part of advertising campaigns with television and magazines, as well as a Target store Christmas promotion.