Pine Street company uses cutting-edge technology to develop software systems

Discovery Machine, Inc. is a small but growing company that provides business intelligence solutions, software tools and training to companies as well as the defense industry.

“Most of our business is with the U.S. Navy,” said Todd W. Griffith, president and chief technology officer.

Griffith and his wife, Anna, who serves as CEO, started the company about 10 years ago. They could do their highly sophisticated work just about anywhere, but chose Williamsport.

The reason?

“I grew up here,” he said.

Todd went to Williamsport High School and studied philosophy and computer science at Bucknell University before heading to Georgia Tech on a fellowship. He later taught at Bucknell. Anna, meanwhile, was working for a research firm following her college and graduate work when they decided to start up their company.

Fourteen people are employed at Discovery Machine’s Williamsport office at 459 Pine St. Two more are in North Carolina.

“We have a team of engineers,” Todd said.

His role, he said, is overseeing development and interacting with customers. He described the company as an artificial intelligence company.

“People have specific ways of completing tasks,” he said. “Those things are specific to a job and we can capture it on the computer.”

Training projects have included anti-submarine warfare tactics and military helicopters powered by artificial intelligence. Todd said it’s exciting to be part of the company’s work which is in demand throughout the U.S. and abroad.

“We do a lot of work in Europe,” he said. “We have a vice president of sales in Rome.”

They’ve also helped local companies such as Textron Lycoming, Williamsport develop projects. Local connections go beyond work, however. Anna is involved with Greater Williamsport Futures Association.

The company has sponsored Little League teams and created a scholarship for Pennsylvania College of Technology students.

During the past generation, many of the nation’s brightest minds have opted to develop game systems, and Griffith didn’t dismiss that scenario at some point for Discovery Machine.

“We are exploring gaming, but we far exceed what gaming does,” he said.

Griffith said the company is still evolving.

“We are always looking for talented engineers,” he said.

It’s a company that has earned its share of accolades. Discovery Machine was presented several years ago with the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year Award and was nominated for the Governor’s Impact Award. The company is in the running for the Small Impact Award category.

“We have four patents,” Griffith said.

Griffith credited Ben Franklin Technology Partners with helping the company get started. Ben Franklin made available grant funding and introduced Griffith to technology companies.

“We continue to work with them,” he said.