New business spotlight on Adwave 365

Adwave 365 is an advertising business offering marketing solutions to companies.

Located in Williamsport’s Water Tower Square, it is owned and operated by William and Danielle Smedley. Perhaps the most visible mark it makes is with its electronic billboards.

But they shouldn’t be mistaken for the big billboards one sees while driving around the area.

“We do them inside businesses,” explained William Smedley, a Cogan Station resident who grew up in Williamsport.

It’s the type of advertising that speaks to what Smedley calls a “captive” audience. Many of the billboards are found in places where people happen to see them while engaged in other activities. They can be found in such businesses or other locales as the Crippled Bear restaurant, OIP in South Williamsport, even the Williamsport Regional Airport.

“Our audience is on the treadmill or waiting for a meal or at the airport waiting for a flight,” he explained.

Adwave also offers website development, email campaigns, flyers and business cards, search engine optimization help and other forms of marketing and services for businesses and organizations to better promote themselves. Adwave 365 does business throughout the region and beyond, but Smedley likes to think of the company as one that caters more to a local market.

“We started in Williamsport. We want to grow larger in Williamsport,” he said.

Smedley, who has owned businesses in the past, feels he brings a good background to his new venture. He knows how business owners can struggle about how to best spend money on advertising.

“We want to help small businesses for sure,” he said. “That’s our main priority.”

He also understands the risks many entrepreneurs face in starting up new businesses. Smedley said his electronic billboards are the wave of the future, thus the business name, adwave 365.

“This kind of thing is going on in metro areas. (But) we want to grow here in Williamsport.”

Smedley employs eight people, including sales representatives and graphic designers.

He noted that Pennsylvania College of Technology is a great school that turns out graduates his company can employ.

“We think it’s (Williamsport) the right place to be,” he said.

More information about adwave 365 is at or at 1-855-WAVE-365.