New business spotlight on Shumbat’s Barber Shop

The neighborhood barbershop long has been a part of Americana, a place where men went not just for haircuts, but to catch up on the latest happenings and chew the fat with friends and acquaintances.

Tony Shumbat is just 27, but he knows a little bit about barbershops. His grandfather and great-grandfather both were barbers. He spent more than a year working for Shipe’s Barber Shop on Dewey Avenue, but when the business closed he wondered if he’d ever again be cutting hair.

Recently, he took a chance and started up Shumbat’s Barber Shop, 1935 Lycoming Creek Road, Old Lycoming Township. Located behind Heller’s Restaurant, the shop officially opened May 21.

“So far, it’s been steady,” he said. “I haven’t had any slow days.”

Shumbat charges a standard fee of $9 for haircuts. He feels that’s a pretty good bargain. He has two chairs and one part-time barber, Dave Cappa, helping him with the business.

“He’s cut hair part-time for a lot of years,” Shumbat said.

Shumbat said he likes cutting hair because it’s basically a stress-free type of activity.

“I do enjoy it,” he said. “I worked a few other jobs before doing this.”

But nothing compares to being a barber and having his own shop, something he said he dreamed about doing for a long time. He said his clientele includes former Shipe’s Barber Shop customers. Beyond that, he’s done some advertising to get the word out about his business.

Shumbat said while he likes the present shop site, he may eventually relocate into a building with more space.

“I guess down the road I want to kind of branch out,” he said.