Air conditioner sales robust in area

Hot, humid weather can be uncomfortable and undesirable for most people, but for businesses that sell appliances that provide relief from the soaring temperatures it can be most welcome.

And with the thermometer soaring well above 90 degrees many days, including during the most recent blast of hot weather, air conditioners and fans have been quickly disappearing from the shelves of stores.

“We are having another good year,” said Matt Bower, merchandising manager at Beiter’s in South Williamsport.

Bower said this marks about the third straight year that air conditioner sales have been good.

The month of July, he said, is the heavy month for moving air conditioners out of the store to customers.

By August, such sales usually drop significantly.

The mid-July heat wave, he said, definitely brought in a lot of patrons.

“We have had a very brisk business in air conditioner sales,” reported Rick Wertz, manager of Sears in the Lycoming Mall.

The hot weather the week of July 15, he said, drew plenty of patrons, but sales have been good all summer for air conditioners.

Most recently, many people came to the store to also buy fans

“Thanks goodness, we are able to keep up with inventory and are ready to go,” he said. “Some planning ahead was fortunate. That has been a real benefit this year.”

Dan Hampton, service manager for Lycoming Heating Co. in Williamsport, said the business has been selling plenty of central air units for homes and servicing them as well this summer.

“I don’t know if it’s lack of maintenance we’ve run into, or they are just running them hard,” he said. “(But) We have been getting a lot of new customers.”

Overall, Hampton said there’s been a huge increase in business this year.

And the recent heat wave definitely kept things busy.

Andrew Sander, sales specialist at Lowe’s in Montoursville, noted that during the dog days of mid-July a customer came into the store and bought six heavy duty fans.

“He took everything I had on the shelf,” he said.

He noted that last week the store actually ran out of portable air conditioner units.

Overall, air conditioner sales have been good, but perhaps no better than previous years.

Jared Boob, of Ace Hardware in Avis said sales there have been robust.

“It’s been good,” he said. “They are selling. They definitely are.”

Wertz noted that in addition to air conditioners and fans, the swim suits at Sears have been flying off the shelves as well.