Long-time business spreads its wings with additional enterprise

Steinbacher Enterprises, Inc. has been in the demolition business for many years, but now officials of the longtime company are taking that aspect of the enterprise a step further.

Dave Steinbacher, one of three owners of the Nippenose Valley-based business, is opening up a site in the Newberry section of Williamsport for a place to store and sell items from buildings his company razes.

“Anything salvageable out of a house,” explained Steinbacher as he led a tour of the former Holy Rosary Church at 315 Arch St., where households items of various kinds can already be found.

Steinbacher Enterprises Architectural Salvage Sales is not an antique store, although there are certainly some items to be found there that fit into that category, he said.

Hardware, furniture, lamps, windows, shutters, doors, door knobs, sinks, toilets, porch railings, fireplace mantels, plumbing fixtures, breaker boxes, and tin ceiling materials fill the rooms of the old church.

“I got signs from old companies,” he said. “A few things I bought, like that old rolltop desk.”

He pointed to a window that he noted came from a former local coffee shop.

The business has additional room in a fenced in area outside the building for other items such as clawfoot tubs, radiators and oil tanks.

“People are looking for anything old,” Steinbacher said. “Hardware is a big seller.”

Steinbacher and his two partners, Joslyn Dougherty and Amee Hannan, acquired the former church a couple of years ago. Work began earlier this year to renovate it. Steinbacher said the building is a good site, although he wishes it were a bit bigger for all the things he wants to sell from there.

“We could use more room,” he said.

To fit more items into the building, he lowered a ceiling to add an extra upstairs area. Steinbacher said there’s really no store like it around the region.

“I think we’ll do really well,” added Dougherty.

She said they got the idea to start the store for salvageable items after coming across one such enterprise in Rochester, N.Y.

“Steinbacher called it a kind of a natural spin-off of Steinbacher Enterprises.

He noted that the company has salvaged items in the past but never had an adequate place to store them.

“This is a bit more upscale,” he said. “When we put stuff in a shed before they were exposed to the elements.”

Steinbacher said he’s hoping for a July 30 opening.

Hours will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday.

The telephone number is 745-7445.