Metal fabricator changes hands

Nestled in a small industrial area of Old Lycoming Township are a handful of businesses that, unbeknownst to the casual passerby, are quite busy – one of those recently changed hands very quietly and now is looking to broaden its scope.

Started in 1979 by Fred Messner and son Donald, both now deceased but will long be remembered by employees, friends, customers and community, M&M Sheet Metal has been a long-standing business on Marydale Avenue. Over the years as business started to grow, M&M’s building started to expand and after three additions space was filled with some of the most modern technology to meet their customers’ demands. In 1987, possibly looking at retirement, the elder Messner sold the shop to his son and from that day forward the younger Messner handled the day to day operations of the shop, which specializes in various types of metal fabrication. In 2012 as the younger Messner grew ill, the employees at the shop were wondering on a daily basis if they were going to have a job or not.

Knowing of this, one employee took a bold leap and decided to purchase the business before it might close up for good. That employee, Robert J. Glosser IV, had worked there since 1997, and was shop foreman at the time, went to a group of investors to get financing and keep the shop open. After getting the green light from the group, Glosser purchased the business from Messner and now is the president of M&M Sheet Metal.

For Glosser, owning a business is something he always has wanted to do and this was the perfect opportunity for him. Since taking over Glosser says he has noticed a boost in the morale of the 10 full-time and two part-time employees of the shop as they don’t have to worry if they have a job or not. As for the future of M&M, Glosser realizes that the fundamentals that built the business – what he identifies as good and knowledgeable employees, customer service that can’t be beat, technology and quality initiatives that produce defect free products for customers and early involvement and development with customers – the roots to growing the business.

One of the technologies that sets M&M apart from all other fabricators, Glosser said, is the state-of-the-art technology German Trumpf CNC 3030 laser universal cutting, micro-welding and drilling tool with flying optics.

This technology, Glosser said, gives M&M and its customers the advantage of speed, versatility, precision, rapid changeover and maximum performance. The investors and Glosser also understand that they are fixtures in Lycoming County and will support the community in which they live and work. Glosser said the goal is always to build a better community and they are already strengthening quality programs and securing registration with the International Standards Organization to allow M&M to have an internationally recognized quality system.

The business already has hired two new employees and intends – with Mach One speed – to grow the business to assist existing customers and add new customers and programs. M&M Sheet Metal’s hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and for more information contact the business at or 326-4655.