New business spotlight on Saucy Sam’s

Most days you can find Andrew Molino and Tierney Snyder inside their mobile black van – its electronic sign flashing – parked along Route 405 between Muncy and Hughesville.

Saucy Sam’s is the mobile food business recently started up by Molino.

“This is my main area,” he said.

Molino decided to start his business after spending a number of years working at restaurants. He’s been cooking all his life, he said.

“He wanted to be different,” Snyder explained. “He wanted to stand out from everyone else.”

The Saucy Sam’s menu includes sandwiches, appetizers, soups, wings, pickle chips, Philly cheesesteaks, salads, and beverages.

“I smoke my own pork,” he said. “I make my own BBQ sauce. I do made-to-order chips.”

His beef sliders, he added, are a Pat LaFrieda brand.

His biggest selling meal is probably the 3 saucy piggies. That’s pulled pork sliders braised and smothered in honey BBQ sauce on buns with a side of broccoli slaw and Sam’s tater chips. At $10, Sam’s beefy sliders are the most expensive meal on the menu.

His customers, he said, are drawn from the local population that passes by along the highway. He’s busiest, he said, around lunch time. Molino got his business up and running about a month ago, and he’s well aware of the chance he’s taking in starting up a new enterprise.

Then again, it’s something he wants to do and believes in. He knows a bit about being an entrepreneur from running his own karaoke business.

When asked what is the most challenging aspect of the business, he said, “Getting the truck up and running and doing what I need to do. I’ve been cooking all my life. It’s all the other stuff.”

How did he come up with the business name, Saucy Sam’s?

“Sam’s is an acronym for Snyder and Molino,” he said.

The business can be contacted at