New business spotlight on Riepstines Pub

Brewing beer has been Barton Rieppel’s passion for more than a dozen years.

That’s why he launched Riepstines Pub, 913 Arch St., Williamsport, one of the more exciting businesses to start up in the Newberry section of the city.

“This is my dream,” he said. “This is what I want to do until I retire.”

Located in the former site of the Tailwinds Cafe, Rieppel has spent much of the past year renovating the interior of the place to get it looking like the brew pub he’s long dreamed of opening.

Putting in a new floor, building a bar, setting up all his beer brewing equipment all were challenging aspects of getting his venture off the ground, he said.

“It was a long process to get it all done,” he said.

Since opening the business more than two weeks ago, business has been good, he said.

Rieppel said he hopes to establish a place where people come to sample his beer and socialize.

It’s not somewhere, he said, to come and watch television.

“As he put it: “It’s all about the beer.”

Rieppel termed himself a “self-taught” home brewer.

“I got a chance to brew at the Valley Inn,” he said. “I did a lot of reading and research to develop my recipes.”

A former carpenter, he made much of his own brewing equipment.

He plans to introduce customers to many different kinds of beer, many of them with familiar, local names.

Among them will be: Arch Street Wheat, Round Hills Red, Jaysburg Porter, Alpha Deuce IPA, and American Pale Ale.

In addition to beer, Riepstine serves sandwiches, soups, appetizers and other food.

“We make our own potato chips,” he said. “We make our own bread from spent grains.”

But it’s not a place to get a big meal. The food menu offerings often will change.

“The food is to complement the beer,” he said.

Patrons can enjoy a brew at the bar or sit at a table.

More information is at

The phone number is 329-BREW.