New business spotlight on Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt

Rob and Rick Saar wanted to bring a clean, family friendly business to Williamsport.

With their new frozen yogurt establishment, they feel they’ve found the answer.

This week, just in time for the Little League World Series, the brothers will unveil Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt at 1930 Lycoming Creek Road.

The business will include seven yogurt machines, each offering two flavors of yogurt.

Customers can build their own yogurt delights and choose from among some 50 toppings.

The brothers like the idea of providing healthy desserts for patrons.

“It’s low fat, sugar free,” said Rob. “There’s variety for those who are lactose intolerant.”

With it’s bright, pastel colors, the business also promotes a certain kid-friendly atmosphere.

Rob called it a positive feeling both inside and outside the business.

Customer seating will be located both inside and outside the establishment.

The brothers said they hatched the idea of opening the business last year and soon thereafter got started on planning it.

They both liked the mission statement of Sweet Frog, which has a number of franchises throughout the U.S.

Plans call for employing about 15 people.

Do they think another yogurt place might be risky given that several other such establishments have opened up in the area in recent years?

“We decided to do it,” Rick said. “We think the market is strong enough to support it.”

Rob added that Sweet Frog will be the only yogurt business in the western neighborhoods of the city.

The brothers added that Sweet Frog franchises have done well in other areas of the state.

The two agreed that starting the business posed many challenges.

“All the logistics of doing something like this is quite an undertaking,” Rob said. “I firmly believe we are not just another yogurt shop.”

The phone number is 329-3764.