New business spotlight on The Box Hurdle

A customer looking for a box of any size need look no further than 508-A W. Southern Ave., South Williamsport.

That’s the address for The Box Hurdle, a store owned by brothers Dan and Bruce Bozyk that caters to such patrons.

“A guy came in here and said, ‘you don’t have anything for shipping a skateboard.’ And I said, ‘we have one right over there,'” Dan said.

Corrugated boxes of different shapes and sizes line the walls of the shop, so much so that Dan is afraid he doesn’t have enough room for all the ones he’d eventually like to stock.

He started the business, he said, after realizing that people have problems finding the right boxes for things they want to ship.

Dan himself knew first-hand from trying to hunt down containers or packing material for ebay merchandise he sold.

In addition, he often mailed things back to Pennsylvania in the years he spent living in Austin, Texas and Colorado.

“The store is primarily for people doing eBay sales or who ship a lot and don’t want to maintain an inventory,” he said.

Dan said the store has sold boxes for people packing televisions, pictures, even suitcases.

It’s left up to the customer to ship their items.

“We don’t do any shipping at all,” he said.

After all, he figures there are enough businesses in the area that can take care of that.

The store does sell accessory items such as bubble wrap and tape, however.

The Box Hurdle opened in September 2012.

The business is so named, Dan said, because the box is often the last hurdle one encounters in considering shipment of an item.

“There have been very few people who have come in here who haven’t been able to find what they want,” he said.

Future plans, he said, include possibly moving into a bigger facility for all the boxes he needs to keep in stock.

Hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

The phone number is 505-1285.