New business spotlight on The Glaze to Be

Denise Southard used to enjoy taking her kids to shops where they could paint their own pieces of pottery. Then she figured, why not open her own such place?

The Glaze to Be opened its doors this summer at 201 Basin St., Williamsport.

“I have no artistic background, but I have a passion for it,” Southard said.

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Southard has lived in the area for the past 20 years. For much of that time, she taught mathematics and history at St. John Neumann. She’s new to the business world, but is excited about the prospects for her business.

Customers can buy pottery from her shop or come to paint their own or work with glass fusion projects such as frames, jewelry and bowls.

“It’s just about being creative and relaxing,” she said. “It’s therapeutic.”

She said her business has so far been well received by customers of all ages, including those who’ve come in groups or parties.

“I think it will be successful. We had a great summer,” she said.

Southard said she researched the market for opening up her type of business before deciding to take the plunge.

Realizing there were no similar enterprises in the immediate area, she concluded it would be a good move to open up her own shop.

She said she already has booked a number of parties for the fall.

Painting pottery and working with glass fusion can provide kids with a great alternative to computer games, she noted. It’s also a fun family diversion.

“We did a ladies night out,” she said. “If you are old enough to hold a paint brush you can do this.”

Southard also offers classes and workshops. Appointments are not necessary, although reservations are required for party events.

Southard said she likes the location of her shop in the Basin Street Shopping Plaza.

“We get a lot of foot traffic from Starbucks,” she said.

More information is at or 322-PYOP.