Sunset Ice Cream reopens

There was perhaps no better time for Sunset Ice Cream to reopen its doors than on a fall day that felt more like summer.

That was the sort of warm Indian Summer day Jessica McDermott and her boyfriend, Brett Harer found themselves scooping up ice cream for customers once again.

“We wanted to be open at the beginning of the summer but felt blessed to be open on a beautiful day in October,” McDermott said.

McDermott and Harer are co-owners of the business now operating at 2062 Lycoming Creek Road. Both are excited about running their own business and once again serving up ice cream to customers.

“It’s the beginning,” said Harer, a U.S. Marine combat veteran who served two tours of duty overseas.

McDermott, 23, was working at the former Sunset at 1849 Lycoming Creek Road when it closed its doors in March.

“I worked there for five years,” she said. “I saw how customers liked it. I didn’t want to see it end.”

And so, McDermott, along with Harer, decided they would buy and reopen the ice cream business. After scouting out the area, they found their site in the Garden View Mall.

“We looked at quite a few places,” she said. “We didn’t want to stray too far (from old site).”

The new location, she noted, offers plenty of parking.

“I like being surrounded by other stores,” McDermott added.

The business seats 18 people. She said it’s a bit scary to be running her own business but feels she made a good decision.

As she took a break from waiting on customers during the first day of business Oct. 2, she said, “It’s strange that it’s actually happened.”

She recalled all the hard work and planning it took to get the place open.

There was painting to do and the task of putting in a new floor and counter space. Harer said doing all the paper work and getting the business ready for inspection was a big task as well.

McDermott said the biggest challenge was in finding the confidence to actually open their own business.

“It’s taking that leap and actually doing it,” she said.

Longtime Sunset customers will see some familiar signage and employees from the former business.

John Fritz, owner of the former Sunset, will still be around to make ice cream.

Customers will have 36 flavors of ice cream from which to choose, as well as milk shakes, banana splits and other cold treats.

“I’m pretty confident,” McDermott said. “Customers make it clear that they are happy it’s (Sunset) still here.”

Sunset will offer various specials at different times.

A grand opening for the business is being planned.

Hours are noon to 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday.