Pine Creek area restaurant holds coat drive

Yvonne Campana felt it would be great to give a hand up to many people who are out there struggling.

And so, she dedicated the month of October for people to drop off coats for people at the Wagon Wheel Bar & Restaurant, the business she and her husband, Tony, operate in the Pine Creek Valley.

They ended up collecting 206 coats, all of which were donated to the American Rescue Workers Love Center in Jersey Shore.

“I just thought it would be a good idea to help,” she said.

October is the time of the year, she explained, when many people are putting away summer clothes and getting out winter apparel.

People heading to hunting and fishing camps who stopped by her business in the village of Cammal donated many of the coats.

Others came through with donations as well.

One person, she said, showed up with a whole carload of coats.

“They found out about it on Facebook,” she said.

Others got the message about the coat drive through simple of word of mouth.

After collecting the coats, she brought them to her home in Jersey Shore, where they pretty much filled a room there. She then turned them over to the Love Center. Denise Gibbs, office manager, said the donation was one of the bigger ones the Love Center has received.

“We hope to distribute them during Christmas,” she said.

Normally, the Love Center doesn’t give out many clothes, but they were welcome just the same.

The Love Center functions mainly as a kitchen for people in need.

“We prepare food boxes for the needy,” she added.

Campana noted that she also did a coat drive last year. She said she ended up this time with more children’s coats.

“It’s nice to see people band together and do this,” she said.

Campana hopes to do another coat drive in 2014. In the past, she’s sponsored events on behalf of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and for the Jersey Shore Junior Athletic Association to help its youth football program.

She said it’s always nice to help others when she can.