Bank in region recognized for its work environment

MUNCY – For more than 100 years Muncy Bank & Trust Co. has been doing things right without a lot of fanfare.

But that’s kind of the nature of the banking business, an industry that quietly takes care of the every day needs of lending money and watching over assets of customers.

Recently, American Banker and Best Companies Group named Muncy Bank as one of the Best Banks to Work For in the U.S.

Overall, it was listed as number 11 in the nation under that specific designation.

“We were surprised but very happy,” said Dave Mayer, bank senior vice president.

The bank, he said, simply is a great place to work.

Determining the Best Banks designation was a two-step process.

About 75 percent of the evaluation involved employee surveys aimed at assessing their experiences and attitudes. The remaining part of the evaluation considered workplace policies, practices and demographics.

“If you have to get up and go to work in the morning, it’s a great place to go,” Mayer said.

Beyond that, Muncy Bank is a place where employees have what he called a voice and a career path.

Over the years, many employees who started as part-time workers rose through the ranks to become managers.

The bank has many long-term employees.

“We allow people to do their jobs and work with customers in a way that is unique to banking any more,” Mayer said.

Beyond that, there exists a closeness, a kind of family atmosphere that also is felt by bank customers.

The bank has grown in recent years from a single office in downtown Muncy to several branch sites in Hughesville, Clarkstown, Montoursville, and Dewart.

“We are up to more than 80 employees,” he said. “We’ve grown to more than $350 million in assets.”

Thirty-five banks achieved Best Banks status and are included in the November issue of “American Banker Magazine.”

More information on the Best Banks to Work For program is at