New business spotlight on Medical Weight Loss of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Medical Weight Loss of Northeastern Pennsylvania designs programs to fit the particular needs of its patients.

“It’s very fun to watch people succeed,” said Tracy Underdown, who operates the new Williamsport business.

Underdown and Dr. Richard Huskey opened the site in February at 1111 E. Third St. with the goal of helping area residents lose weight and become healthier.

Obesity, Huskey noted, is linked to many health problems, but many people have a hard time shedding those unwanted pounds. The key is finding the focus and the passion to lose the weight. That’s why following the plan to fit the individual is so important.

“We do free consultations,” Underdown said. “We offer a variety of plans custom-designed for each patient. That’s what actually separates us from pre-packaged diet systems. We actually design a lifestyle program.”

For example, Underdown noted they have plans for diabetics and also for those who want to shed a lot of weight.

Ninety percent of people who follow a designed plan will be successful.

“We have a great plan for post-menopausal women,” she said. “We do lipo fat burning injections.”

Underdown called weight loss an emotional issue that often touches so many aspects of a person’s life. That’s why it’s important someone receives support from others toward reaching goals.

“In this day and age you really have to have the passion,” Huskey said.

Huskey, who struggled with his own weight problems before losing some 120 pounds, said patients are counseled and encouraged to keep logs of their eating habits. But the individual diet plan is the key.

“We keep what is working and change what is not working,” said Underdown. “But it has to be amenable to the patient. Otherwise, it won’t work.”

Underdown said there exist many ways to lose weight, but keeping focused and on the right path can make it easier.

More information is at 570-326-0400.