New app simplifies repeated phone calls

Callbot App will call a group of contacts for you in minutes to deliver a personally recorded voice message right from your iPhone and manages all your call results in real time, according to a news release from the app’s developer.

Callbot App is a communication app designed to save users’ time, human energy and ultimately money. The concept behind Callbot App is that instead of calling 20 people separately to deliver a personal message you can now record one personalized voice message and have it delivered instantly to your group of up to 200 contacts.

“I feel like we are ushering in a new way to stay personal in our fast moving tech world.” Kathryn E. Bryant, Audio Ops CEO, said, according to the news release. “I am very excited to be a part of Callbot App and all it has to offer our consumers.”

“One of the most unique features of the Callbot App is that you watch in real time as your call is delivered to your group of contacts,” Founder and app creator Sean M. Purdy said. “You know if your Callbot message was answered, if it went to voicemail or if someone hung up on the call. These analytics are crucial.”

Purdy goes on to state, “Being able to conceptualize a practical app that you can use with ease, that also has the technology our customers will appreciate behind the scenes, is very satisfying.”

Callbot App is free to download from the Apple AppStore. The first 20 contacts called are free; a fee sets in after that threshold.

“We chose to simplify the price structure and billing for our customers. We do not require contracts, or sign up fees; billing goes straight through the App Store,” states CEO Bryant. “Our goal with Callbot App is utilization for a wide range of things from announcing the birth of a child, organizing volunteers for an event, or updating team members on schedule changes, delays or important announcements; all with the personalization, clarity and character of your voice.”

Callbot App requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Callbot App is optimized for iPhone 5.

Audio Ops LLC is a local start-up in Selinsgrove. The company’s website is