New business spotlight on Sweb Marketing

Sarah Weber thinks many small business persons don’t know how to properly market their services.

That’s where Sweb Marketing, her Montoursville-based business, can help.

“I do everything from general consulting to strategy to overall business marketing,” she said.

Weber, a University of Pittsburgh graduate with a degree in marketing, brings to the table a working background in the corporate world and with non-profits.

Among her former employers was University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

“Coming from UPMC and a big corporation, I wanted to return to my roots and help small businesses,” she said.

She said many small businesses continue to rely on traditional marketing strategies.

Others simply don’t prioritize marketing as part of an overall business plan.

Often, marketing is the first aspect of a business to be cut when it comes to cost-savings measures.

But advertising is vital to any business, and the world has dramatically changed over the past decade with social media and digital marketing.

“The economy is stimulated by small businesses,” she said. “I want to educate them and position them.”

She said her knowledge of social media markets is among her strengths.

While that market is ever-evolving, she has kept her pulse on it as a means of best helping her clients.

“I do competitive analysis to see what the competition is doing,” she said.

She said more than 90 percent of consumers now make their initial purchasing decisions through online searches.

“I think I like best watching businesses reach their objectives,” she said.

She offers free consultations to clients. That can include an overall analysis of a client’s business to ascertain what already is being done.

From there, clients can choose among an array of marketing strategies customized to their individual needs.

The name of her business, Sweb, is a combination of the initial letter of her first name and the first three letters of her last name.

She describes swebbing as the process of being creative or coming up with a creative idea.

More information is at and 570-220-7392.

The email is