Muncy firm has display at DC museum

Construction Specialties Inc., a commercial building product manufacturer in Muncy, will have a functioning mock-up of their Seismic Stadium System on display in Washington D.C. at the National Building Museum’s latest exhibition titled Designing for Disaster, according to a news release.

The exhibit looks at four different types of natural disasters – earth-related, wind-related, fire-related and water-related – and investigates ways and methods that corporations and individuals can build, plan, design and prepare to mitigate the hazards of these natural disasters, the news release said.

Construction Specialties manufactures 10 different product lines, one of which is expansion joint covers. The particular system on display is used to cover large gaps in stadiums to allow the structures to move freely during an earthquake without damaging itself.

The system – the first of its kind – was installed on the California Memorial Stadium at The University of California Berkeley, which was built directly above the Hayward Fault and was undergoing a seismic retrofit to withstand the movement of the plates beneath.