New business spotlight on Antiques and Moore

Antiques and collectibles have long been a part of the Moore family.

That’s a big reason Fay Moore decided to open Antiques & Moore near Linden.

“We were looking to get back into it,” she said, as she stood behind the main counter of the store located along Route 220 in the old Echo Carpet building.

Fay and her nephew, Bob Koch and sister-in-law, Pam Koch, are owners of the new business that sells everything from old books and furniture to glassware, jewelry, tools and toys. For a number of years, Fay’s late husband, Doug Moore Jr., owned and operated South Side Antiques along Route 15 in South Williamsport. The store closed four years ago.

Her son, Doug Moore III said the flea market and antique store reminds him of his dad.

“It’s great seeing old stuff like my grandparents used to have,” he added.

Pam Koch said the family had been looking for a place to open another antique and flea market for quite some time. They all feel the location along a busy highway will prove to be a good spot for the business and the warmer months should bring more motorists to their site.

Old merchandise sold from the store is found at yard sales, auctions and over the Internet. A lot of people looking to sell stuff contact the store as well. Store personnel travel out of the area for merchandise too. Pam Koch noted that the business offers consignments to those who want to sell their own stuff from the store. In addition to merchandise, the business sells fresh baked pies, candy and bread from Sadie’s Baked Goods, Loganton, and canned goods by Erik Guthrie, of Williamsport.

“I think we are doing pretty good since opening April 11,” Pam Koch said.

People are always looking for low-cost items, she added.

While the business poses its share of challenges, it’s also a fun enterprise.

“I think meeting people from all over the world is neat,” Pam Koch said.

The business is open seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The phone number is 570-323-1099.