Engineering firm expects reputation to increase workload

Larson Design Group has been ranked number one by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission for engineering firms competing for an open-end contract. Officials with the company say that comes as more than exciting news for the Williamsport-based company – It means plenty of work should get steered its way as well.

“At LDG, we offer people who genuinely want to deliver engineering excellence, and we are able to fully meet the needs of the PTC (Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission) using solely Pennsylvania-based design professionals,” said Doug Smith, vice president of Transportation.

An open-end contract allows the engineering firm to perform a number of services, including, conducting field surveys; plotting topography and cross sections; developing erosion control details and narratives; developing right-of-way plans; preparing hydraulic reports for waterway approvals; performing traffic counts and preparing construction plans, specifications and estimates.

“When we get a win like this, everyone takes pride in it,” said Larson Design Group spokeswoman Jillian Ibbs.

Max Inkrote, director of Highway Engineering, noted that the company works on a lot of municipal transportation projects. But working with the Turnpike Commission will certainly mean additional work for the firm, Inkrote added.

“It helps us because there are only so many clients out there,” he said.

The company is one of two awarded $900,000 contracts with the Turnpike Commission.

“We will probably start working with them within the next 30 days,” Inkrote said.

The company, he noted, has been in the midst of hiring more people to add to its staff of some 260 employees. Larson Design Group last worked with the Turnpike Commission in 2001.

“About a year ago, it was determined by key members of our firm that the PTC would be an excellent client to contract with,” Smith said. “We felt that our ideals and our strengths aligned favorably with their goals, and we set out to cultivate a relationship with the Turnpike that would help us better understand their needs.”

Larson Design Group has offices throughout Pennsylvania, as well as in West Virginia, Ohio, New York, and Texas.