New business spotlight on Bug Eaters and Stony Gap Bonsai

Count Jason Paulhamus among those people who have turned a hobby into a business.

Outside his rural ranch home along Route 973 west of Quiggleville can be found the carnivorous plants and bonsai trees he grows.

He sells his plants and bonsai trees on eBay and also at local farmers markets.

“A lot of this is just hard to find,” he said.

Paulhamus said the carnivorous plants are probably the bigger part of his business known as Bug Eaters & Stony Gap Bonsai. He’d been growing the plants, which include Venus Flytraps, Butterworts, and American Pitcher plants for a number of years before deciding to make it an enterprise.

Carnivorous plant catch insects, drawing bugs to their nectar and trapping them.

“Very few places sell them,” he said. “A lot of people have never seen them before.”

Paulhamus said the plants are not that difficult to care for, and that’s part of the benefit of his business. Giving them plenty of water is probably the biggest challenge.

“As long as it’s raining regularly, you don’t have to do much to them,” he said. You basically have to make sure they don’t dry out. You don’t have to fertilize them.”

Carnivorous plants, many of which have long lives, are native to swampy or boggy areas and grow in parts of the U.S.

Bonsai trees, he said, require a bit more care than carnivorous plants.

“They really can’t be grown as a home plant,” he said. “You prune them. You trim them. You are constantly fiddling.”

Paulhamus said bonsai trees are really all about growing larger trees on a miniature scale.

As for his business plans, he said he hopes to expand his inventory.

The phone number for the business is 570-998-8051. The business also has a Facebook page.