New business spotlight on Dunkled Acres Weddings in the Woods

JERSEY SHORE – Many people dream of tying the knot in marital bliss in a gorgeous outside setting.

Kristen Calhoun, owner of Dunkled Acres Weddings in the Woods, is making that happen for couples. Calhoun has set aside her family’s 65-acre rural homestead in Mifflin Township for weddings.

“There’s multiple ceremony locations,” Calhoun said, as she walked on a path cutting through a forest of the property.

Nearby, one could hear the roaring waters of the First Fork of Larry’s Creek, swelled by a recent heavy rain. The stream, home to trout and other aquatic life, winds throughout the partially wooded property to provide a natural background for wedding sites and photos.

A pond, open green areas surrounded by trees and a meadow with wild flowers are yet additional options.

“It’s wherever they want to get married,” she said.

A barn of the property is being transformed into a reception area, which also serves as a bridal suite. Calhoun was married on the property and always felt it would make an ideal site for other weddings.

“I love that it’s so pretty,” she said.

Calhoun has contracted with Farrington Place, a Williamsport entertainment company, for additional wedding services.

For now, she is limiting wedding parties to 300 people. She noted the history of the site.

Her grandfather, the late Dr. Neil Dunkle, bought the property as a rural retreat for him and his wife, Mary.

The two are buried beside each other on the property.

Over the years, he added a number of features, including a tennis court, which is being transformed into a reception area.

Calhoun works with clients to select their ideal wedding setting and in planning the big day.

“I am also here to coordinate on the day of the event,” she said.

Calhoun said she is excited about the business.

She pointed to a sign on the property that sums up her own feelings about the place: “Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But Footprints, Kill Nothing But Time.”

More information is at and 570-367-1590. There also is a Facebook site.