New business spotlight on Writers Qi

KAREN VIBERT-KENNEDY/Sun-Gazette Chris Hayward, owner of Writers Qi, works on her laptop.

Local businesses looking for someone to help them with advertising, web content and other written material may need to look no further than Williamsport.

Chris Hayward this June launched Writers Qi to fill what she sees as a niche market.

“I think I bring a lot of unique things to the table,” she said.

For many years, she has been a self-described “techie,” working in business, including as a network engineer. She now is using her creative side for her freelance writing business.

“I always had an interest in writing and books,” she said.

She recalled as a child volunteering at her local library.

She graduated from Lycoming College with a major in physics before working in the tech industry.

Now, she is ready to be an entrepreneur.

“I’m excited to see what’s out there,” she said.

So far, she’s landed clients but is hoping to continue networking and growing her business base. Recently, she joined the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce. She said her focus is working with businesses to produce case studies, white papers, and web-based content needs.

“I can actually do all sorts of writing,” she said.

She sees her business as hardly being restricted to the local market.

“I definitely want to serve the local community, but it is a global company,” she said.

She feels her science and technical background fused with her creative side are a real plus. She said she enjoys researching a particular company’s needs and can write compelling stories about businesses.

“I’m fascinated by the process,” she said. “My goal is to help businesses solve problems through my writing.”

In coming up with a name for her business, she noted that Qi means life force energy.

“That’s what I want to do for your business,” she said.

Located in the Pajama Factory, Williamsport, Writers Qi can be contacted at 570-258-5455.