People in business

August’s employee

of the month named

August’s employee of the month Cale Berry, help desk analyst in the information technology department has been with Construction Specialties Inc. for a little more than a year. Berry’s determination and hard work to provide excellent service has been recognized by many, according to a news release, and “his positive attitude is contagious and he often has a bounce in his step.”

Berry, the news release said, is quick to remedy an issue, gives updates on the status of repairs, and always follows up to ensure systems are working properly. He has no issues devoting time and effort where needed, and does so with a smile.

His drive and passion to help others is clearly identified through his ability to quickly earn the respect and trust of others.

“Whether it’s delivering optimum service, volunteering to go above and beyond, working on projects, or just passing through the halls, it’s easy for one to point out the energy that surrounds” Berry, the news release said.

September’s employee

of the month named

According to a news release from Construction Specialties Inc., leader, team builder, mentor and problem solver are the words that come to mind when we think of Jim Seidel.

“From taking on the difficult jobs to helping co-workers with their problems, this man comes up with solutions that keep jobs and equipment moving,” the news release said.

According to the news release, some quotes from co-workers included, “will always drop anything he is doing to help someone” and “goes above and beyond to help APC become successful and stay on track”

Seidel, September’s employee of the month, has been chosen as employee of the month before, which is a testament to his continued stellar performance and willingness to be the consummate team player.