New business spotlight on Tiny Turnaround

MIKE REUTHER/Sun-Gazette Christine Kight is offering her services as a certified life coach through Tiny Turnaround.

Christine Kight helps people make needed changes in their lives to reach goals.

As a certified life coach and the owner of her recently launched business venture, Tiny Turnaround, people seek her out for help with their careers or other facets of their lives.

“People often come to me out of discouragement,” she said.

Kight can serve many roles as a life coach, including providing support to people in therapy, for those looking to achieve goals, and even to businesses dealing with employee remediation.

Kight, 51, said she decided to become a life coach after having been through a number of transitions in her personal and work life.

She has been a certified trainer, mother and homemaker.

“It came time for me to re-enter the work force,” she said. “I have used coaches before in the past, and it seemed like the perfect career. When I realized it was a potential career, I decided it was for me.”

Many of the people she works with are, in her words, “go-getters.”

“They don’t know quite how to get where they want,” she said. “Even if they know exactly what they want, they need accountability and they want that cheerleading. Seeking outside encouragement is one of the ways to accomplish something that we want.”

Among her programs is a 30-day plan to making changes and reaching goals.

She offers free consultations to new clients.

“I am really excited about what I am doing. I feel very confident that I am making a contribution and that I am offering something to people that can help them get where they want,” she said. “I like to work with people who really are making a commitment to do what it takes to move forward.”

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