New business spotlight on Williamsport Escapes

It’s all about trying to escape.

Clues are apparent, but there’s no guarantee anyone will emerge from the locker room.

“You have to escape a room in 60 minutes,” said Casey Mitchell. “You have to find the code to get out. It’s an interactive puzzle is what it is.”

Williamsport Escapes is an entertainment venue at 201 Basin St. launched by Casey and her husband, Jeremy. Casey said the game is a great way to have a fun night out with the family or friends.

“Williamsport needed something like this which is completely different,” she said.

The couple decided to launch Williamsport Escapes after playing a similar clue game while on vacation.

“We decided to give it a shot,” Casey said. “We are competitive and a little nerdy.”

Anywhere from two to eight people can play. While not everyone is able to escape, it usually provides a good time for any participant.

Casey said the puzzles never stay the same.

“We give three free clues,” she said.

Williamsport Escapes seems to bring out the competitor in just about anyone who tries it.

“They want to get out,” she said with a smile.

Williamsport Escapes is for all ages and photos of all participants are taken at the end of a game.

Bookings are done online at

The cost is $25 per person.

Williamsport Escapes can be found on Facebook.