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Value stream mapping topic of workshop

IMC will host a “Value Stream Mapping and Standard Work” workshop Monday.

Value Stream Mapping will be introduced as a tool for organizational improvement and process improvement. This is a high level tool that looks at the current state, develops the future state and creates the action plan to bridge the gap, a news release said. VSM is distinctive in that it is data/metric driven and information flow also is analyzed. Additionally, the focus is in the workplace.

Standard Work is at the crux of all improvement. Without one consistent way to complete a process, there is no basis for change. This portion of the training will introduce this basic premise, then take it to higher levels introducing information flow, performance metrics and visual displays as they relate to standard work.

Through a Department of Labor and Industry grant, a reduced registration fee is available to qualified manufacturers. Not sure if you qualify? Call Lauri Moon at 570-329-3200 ext. 8085 or email

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Course examines cybersecurity

IMC Announces Cyber Security programs addressing Risks, Compliance and Solutions for Manufacturing Tuesday in Williamsport and June 28 in State College.

According to IBM, small and mid-sized businesses are hit by cyber-attacks about 4,000 times a day. Manufacturing is now the second most hacked sector behind health care, with automotive-related companies at the top and chemical-related second.

Due to increased digital integration, complex supply chains, the value of intellectual property, the lack of compliance requirements coupled with a growing number of tools and methods available to an expanding hacker population, manufacturing is highly susceptible to a list of cyber-related risks.

As a result of these trends and consistent with our mission to support the success of Central PA manufacturing, IMC is working with local and national partners to develop a cost-effective path forward for small and mid-sized manufacturers to manage cyber security risks.

To register, visit the website or call Lauri Moon at 570-329-3200.