Jersey Shore shop 1 of 4 businesses honored by clothing giant

A Jersey Shore family landscaping retailer was one of four businesses nationally that were showcased in a Father’s day initiative by clothing company Carharrt.

Janet and Thomas Dunlap started selling farm supplies from the back porch of their home in 1964. It took until 1979 that they would open up Dunlap’s on Cement Drive in Jersey Shore.

38 years later the Dunlap’s still own and operate the store with their daughter Joyce Hennigan. Carharrt called the retailer and offered to paint a mural of their logo on the side of the building as a surprise for Thomas Dunlap for Father’s Day. Dunlap’s was one of four stores across the country that Carharrt paid for murals to be made for Father’s Day.

“What we talk a lot about is how can our advertising can be less about us and be more about how we can focus on the people who wear and make our brand,” Brian Benett, creative director at Carharrt, said.

Carharrt focused its Father’s Day project on businesses that were run by fathers and their kids. When Jersey Shore native Gabrielle Chappel, of Anomaly Advertising, a New York advertising agency working with Carharrt, heard of the plans that Carharrt had for Father’s Day, she offered that the company look at Dunlap’s as a possible business.

“I drove past Dunlap’s every day since I was little,” Chappel, who wanted to pay homage to the store, said.

Carharrt hired Marty Mummert, a sign painter from Gettysburg, to paint the mural which features the store name in large, sixties bubble letter font.

“They weren’t just looking for dealers,” Hennigan said. “My father is still farming and working and they wanted a family business.”

The move from selling farm supplies from their porch to opening Dunlap’s 15 years later was a long one. “I remember the progression,” said Hennigan.

In Carharrt’s first contact with Hennigan they asked if she would want to surprise her father with the mural. “It was a great deal,” Thomas Dunlap said. “It was the best Father’s Day present ever.”