Events and seminars

Human resources group to host speaker

The West Branch Human Resources Society will host Katie Ecker, an accomplished executive coach and facilitator of leadership, management, and frontline development workshops from 8 to 10 a.m. Sept. 13 at the Williamsport Country Club, 800 Country Club Drive.

She will explain how to avoid Jumping to Conclusions with valuable tips to enhance our communications and engagement with our workforce.

The society serves human resource professionals from a variety of business and industries throughout North-Central Pennsylvania. Whether new to the HR field or with many years of experience, the society is a local resource for networking, information, professional development, and continued support of excellence in human resources. The organization meets monthly on the second Wednesday of every month between September and May.

Event registration can be completed online or by contacting Kristen Callahan, West Branch HR Society board secretary, at or 570-322-1776. Membership applications also are available from the website.

Seminar instructs

on ‘lean selling’

IMC presents Lean Selling, an online workshop, from 9 to 10 a.m., Sept. 14.

Join the organization for this live streaming event to understand where lack of systems and process leads to lost revenue and wasted time and expertise.

According to a news release, John Moore, founder of Moore Power Sales, will lead the seminar. Moore has been helping companies grow sales and leaders since 1995.

“Moore Power Sales is passionate about helping our regional companies compete worldwide and yet still enjoy the quality of life” here in central Pennsylvania, the news release said.

The workshop will examine how prospects have a duplicable system to buy, where we are vulnerable to the prospect system and how to recognize the “free consultant” trap.

To register visit or call 570-329-3200 ext. 8085.

Series of workshops

for manufacturers

Lean manufacturing level one certification is a comprehensive series of workshops that introduces lean principles. Participants learn to distinguish value-added from non-value added activities to eliminate costly waste. As a great starting point for an individual’s and company’s continuous improvement journey, the level one certification is a pragmatic, “hit the ground running” hands-on approach that applies acquired workshop knowledge to the workplace, according to a news release.

Upon completion, each candidate will learn how to “discover” improvement opportunities within an organization and how to capitalize on them in a team based format to create real value through reduced costs, increased cash flow, and improved customer satisfaction.

Upon completion the graduate will be able to: understand how to recognize and eliminate waste, know how to determine value added, non-valued-added, and necessary non-value-added activities, identify the value stream, how it’s mapped, and how to identify the areas that require improvement, develop a road map and an implementation plan, understanding and apply lean tools such as value stream mapping, workplace organization, change management, teaming and kaizen methodology, turn data into actionable information in order to quantify problems and prioritize countermeasures, understand “KATA” methodology and how to use a structured approach to coaching that drives continuous improvement thinking and acting down to the contributor level

The schedule of sessions includes: A3 thinking and value stream mapping, Sept. 27; KATA and communication, Oct. 18; root cause and standard work, Nov. 1; plant tour and coaching day, Nov. 15; change management and visual workplace, Dec. 13 and teams and single minute exchange of dies, Jan. 10.

For more information and to register visit

Series of seminars

addresses improving

enterprises’ workforces

An eight-session certification starting Sept. 28 is a powerful second step for individuals looking to fortify and lead their organization’s Lean journey, according to a news release.

Continuing the theme of a team-based approach to organizational opportunities, participants will further develop their skill sets to lead sustainable change within their organization. Our distinct “learn and do” approach is proven to develop Lean leaders that can manage, measure and lead their organization’s Lean transformation.

The four stages of the program — establish the direction, deployment and execution, leadership skills development, continuing the journey — are designed to arm change agents with the ability to establish the organization’s continuous improvement direction, develop the leadership skills necessary in the Lean journey, applying improvement across the business enterprise, deploying an improvement strategy and develop the necessary methods to manage daily improvements.

Learning activities of this program include one-on-one interaction and guidance from a lean master instructor, each participant will develop a continuous improvement strategy and deployment plan for a project and one-on-one strategy and project coaching sessions, the news release said.

The schedule of sessions include establishing the direction, Sept. 28; deployment and execution, Oct. 19; strategy development, deployment and KPIs project coaching day, Nov. 2; continuous improvement across the enterprise, Nov. 16; developing Lean leadership skills, Dec. 14; effective listening, emotional intelligence and training within industry/standard work, Jan. 11; continuing the journey, Jan. 25; Lean daily management system; presentation and graduation, Feb. 8

IMC’s Lean manufacturing level one or equivalent training is a prerequisite for these courses.

For more information and to register, visit