New business spotlight on Burden Lifter Organizing LLC

Anita Tressler helps people who might otherwise be burdened with deciding how to get rid of possessions or get organized.

Earlier this year, she launched Burden Lifter Organizing LLC, which she operates out of her home in Linden. She said her business fills a local need.

“I looked around to see what was available in this area, and there wasn’t much,” she said. “It’s a new concept in this area.”

Tressler, who worked for years as a registered nurse, said she has a real desire to help people. And, she feels she has the organizational and problem-solving skills for the business.

Clients include older people looking to downsize and move to smaller residences, assisting living sites or nursing homes.

“Sometimes parents have passed away and the children are faced with what to do with stuff,” she said.

Tressler can also helps people simply get rooms of their homes organized.

Or, she can assist people in deciding how to sell items.

As a professional organizer, she is not “emotionally attached” to her clients’ possessions, allowing her to be objective and guide them through the decision-making process.

Each of her projects begins with a free assessment of a particular client’s situation.

Tressler said she prepared for her business venture with plenty of research.

However, it was a challenge to get started, especially with getting the word out about her business.

“I have invested a lot of time into this,” she said. “It’s something I want to see work.”

More information is at 570-980-3199.