New business spotlight on Weaver Wireless Consultants LLC

Wendy Weaver has brought her experience in the cellphone business to the launching of her own enterprise.

Weaver Wireless Consultants, LLC helps businesses with their phone systems and new information technology.

“I have started working with local businesses,” she said. “I will conduct a workshop for any business that wants to launch an APP. They need to train staff on how to use it. That is what I specialize in.”

She also helps people, including those in business, transfer information from old phone systems or tablets to new ones.

Weaver said she can perform what staff company information technology departments do.

Her previous employment includes working for Verizon Wireless and as an account manager and sales representative.

Her passion is working on the business side of an operation.

“I know there is a need for every customer,” she said.

Since introducing the business in April, getting her company name out in front of customers has been her biggest challenge.

She’s been aggressive about marketing it through different types of advertising, including print, radio and social media.

She runs the business herself, but hopes to eventually hire several people.

Weaver decided to start a business after seeing her husband experience success as an entrepreneur.

She sketched out a business plan and went from there.

“I knew it wasn’t just a pipe dream,” she said. “It made me comfortable about stepping out on the edge.”

She said she’s excited about being part of the local business community.

More information is at or 570-220-0154.