App helps restaurant customers save money

Life may have just become a little easier for anyone who has ever pondered what restaurant to choose from among the many available eateries in the local area.

Cherian Thomas, co-founder and CEO of Spotluck, has introduced technology to help smooth the selection process.

Spotluck recently added Williamsport to markets where it has been available.

“We started it because we felt prices shouldn’t be the same all the time,” Thomas said. “We wanted to bring dynamic pricing.”

Toward that send, he had software created that offers discounts at restaurants based on factors such as weather, day of the week and time of day.

It’s all about focusing on consumers and making dining fun, Thomas noted.

“We started it because we felt prices shouldn’t be all the same,” he said.

Spotluck has partnerships with 18 restaurants in Williamsport since introducing the App a little over two weeks ago.

All told, that has translated to bringing in nearly 10,000 customers to those eateries, according to Thomas.

“It’s growing every day,” he said.

The business plan works with restaurants paying a sign-up fee to Spotluck as well as a fee for every customer brought to their establishments.

“We have nearly 1,000 people in Williamsport spinning every day,” Thomas said.

Customers can tap into their Smart phones to download the App.

Spotluck has worked in big city markets of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region as well as smaller communities such as Blacksburg, Va. and Annapolis, Md.

Dillon Tedesco, a Williamsport native and Spotluck’s chief revenue officer, said the local area was among the communities where they wanted to bring the App.

“While these bigger cities are fantastic for our company and our growth, smaller towns fill our need,” he said.

Thomas said it simply makes business sense to bring Spotluck to Williamsport.

“I believe that dynamic pricing is the future,” he said.

Among the restaurants found through Spotluck are: The Sticky Elbow, Kimball’s, Rivals, Sinner or Saint Speakeasy, Joe’s Pizza, Grigg’s Coffee, Dolly’s Diner, The Fat Cat Grille & Night Club, Acme Barbeque, The Bar on Market, Boom City Brewing Co., Ozzie & Mae’s Hacienda, The Bullfrog Brewery, Genetti Taphouse, Long Island Pizza, Joy Thai Cuisine, The 505, and DiSalvo’s.