New business spotlight on Cyber CFO

The Cyber CFO is a network of certified public accountants and support staff providing a range of financial expertise to businesses and organizations.

Harold Eck said his recently launched business concept allows him to provide financial functions to clients without having to be at their physical site.

“I do most of my work here,” Eck said as he stood behind a computer at his office at 126 S. Main St., Jersey Shore.

Eck, a certified public accountant, noted that email, text messaging and other electronic technology can allow him to provide at least part of the financial functions clients need.

“I provide senior level financial management to businesses that don’t have a full-time controller or CFO,” he said. “All businesses need quality financial management and many just don’t have it.”

Eck said Cyber CFO has in place a secure file-sharing site.

He noted he can log into client systems remotely.

He works with other accountants, each with a unique area of skills, to help clients.

“We provide a network of expertise for each other,” he said.

Many within that network have worked as controllers and chief financial officerss and led finance departments.

Eck, who holds a degree in accounting and a master’s in business administration, said he’s able to free up businesses from doing work they’d rather outsource to someone with expertise in bookkeeping and financial management.

Among the services Cyber CFO provides include: bookkeeping, payroll management, payroll and sales tax reporting and income tax reporting.

Support can also be provided for QuickBooks implementations.

Cyber CFO can be reached at 570-398-1832.