New business spotlight on Gezellig Homes Tree Services

Since starting Gezellig Homes Tree Services last year, Bryan Davenport has been busy with the business.

He cuts and trims trees, does debris cleanup and even some stump removal.

Davenport has been cutting trees since he was a kid. He also enjoys woodworking.

In fact, he still takes some of the trees he cuts and turns them into woodworking projects, including furniture and decorative pieces.

“I originally started as a woodcutter,” he said.

Davenport and his wife, Mary, who keeps the books for the Williamsport-based business, have high hopes for their enterprise. He formerly worked in law enforcement and in the ministry, which he wanted to continue.

“My wife said you need to do something to support your ministry,” he said. “She said, ‘why don’t you go back to cutting trees again? ‘”

Davenport said he enjoys climbing trees and being outside and meeting new customers.

He said he likes to share his faith with others.

“I try to bring Him (God) to the table,” he said. “I want to get to know people.”

His business, he said, takes him throughout the region.

Gezellig Homes Tree Services can be found on Facebook and at 570-666-3843.