New business spotlight on Roan Real Estate LLC

Michael Roan has worked in real estate for a number of years with experience in the selling and development of properties.

Last year, he launched Roan Real Estate LLC, which does property auctions.

“The last year was real good,” he said.

Roan said he did about $2.5 million in sales during 2017 and expects to do much better this year. He’s looking forward to spring when real estate sales and auctions pick up.

Roan does real estate auctions of homes, farms and commercial property. He said there is no property either too small or too big he wonít do.

“If I can get the job done, I’ll do it,” he said.

Roan said he mostly relies on word-of-mouth to get the word out about Roan Real Estate. With his own advertising business, he prints up as many as 2,000 brochures for a property auction. Over the years, Roan has been involved with properties linked to the natural gas industry, including the sale of oil, gas and mineral rights.

He feels the local area is a good one for real estate auctions. Roan said it’s a fun business because “there is always something different.”

He looks forward to using his real estate experience to help move properties.

“I have a 19-acre farm in Jersey Shore right now,” he said.

He referred to other upcoming sales, including another farm and a home in Montoursville.

Roan Real Estate can be reached at 570-419-0380 and