New business spotlight: Blagman’s Wheelin’ & Grillin’

In recent years, food trucks have become part of the local scene, parked at curbsides and lots selling their special fare.

Earl and Tera Blagman have joined that growing business community.

For Earl, the start-up of Blagman’s Wheelin’ & Grillin’ seemed the way to go.

“I’ve always loved to cook,” he said. “When you find your passion, you’ll never work again.”

With Earl doing the cooking and Tara performing much of the other work needed to run the business, the couple is making it happen.

The two of them launched the business last August.

“The challenge is, neither of us had experience,” Earl said.

He remembered the trials and tribulations of getting started.

“Nothing was working at first,” he said with a laugh. “But we put our brains together.”

Now, less than a year later, they have gained a following.

“We have people looking for us,” Earl said.

They set out most days about 11 a.m., serving up lunches and dinners.

Earl feels they are not really in competition with other food trucks.

“Our menu is different,” he said. “We cook on charcoal and fruit wood.”

Customers can choose from a list of food items, including brisket; pulled chicken, pork or lamb; chicken wings; seafood platters; and chili.

All platters include coleslaw, fries or rice and a can of soda.

While business is important, so is giving back to the community.

Tara noted that they have donated food for various events and to organizations.

Earl refers to his business mission: “To give way more than we receive. Value is not based on what you own or what you have. Real value is based on what you can do without, not what you can accumulate.”

Blagman’s Wheelin’ & Dealin’ does catering. The number is 570-974-8901.

The business can be found on Facebook.