Polishing business moving to Northern Tier

Jeff Goodhart has been operating a metal polishing and restoration business in Berks County for the past 20 years. But heeding the call of the wild, he’s decided to move his operation to the Northern Tier.

“I am very excited,” he said. “I grew up in the city. (But) I love to be outdoors.”

Polish This Inc. is set to open in Little Marsh, in Tioga County.

His business involves restoring decorative trim on antique cars as well as polishing tractor trailer wheels and various antiques.

“We use our own trademark protective coating,” he said.

He also does ceramics coating for firearms.

Goodhart said he got started in the business after looking to have the wheels of his car polished a number of years ago.

When he realized it would be costly, he researched doing it himself.

“It grew from there,” he said.

Goodhart said he often works with restoration shops and with people who buy and sell antique vehicles.

The big challenge to the business is keeping up a customer base.

“I have worked with all kinds of people,” he said.

As part of finding customers, he attends about 25 antique car shows a year.

He called what he does a “fun business.”

Goodhart said he’s very excited to be relocating his enterprise.

A big reason for moving the business to Tioga County is to make an eventual transition into retirement there.

The website for his business is www.polishthis.com.

It can be found on Facebook. The phone number is 484-269-9450.