Local doctor appointed museum’s senior consultant

PHOTOS PROVIDED BY THE SHANGHAI ART COLLECTION MUSEUM OF CHINA At top, members of the Shanghai Art Collection Museum of China and Dr. Grace Shu, center. Above, from right, Hu Shiqing, Hu Muqing, Dr. Grace Shu, Dr. Jason Shu and Jerry Hu.

The Shanghai Art Collection Museum of China appointed Dr. Grace Shu as its Senior Consultant. Dr. Shu is the only Chinese-American to serve in this capacity. The SACM is located near Tianshan Park in Shanghai. It hosts several collections, exhibitions, and rare treasures from all over Asia.

Mr. Hu Muqing, SACM President, made a special trip to Philadelphia this month to host a formal ceremony commemorating the appointment. National Health Service Advisor Dr. Jason Shu, State Representative Jared Solomon, the first President of the China General Chamber of Commerce-USA Zhang Li Yong, restauranteur Michael Chow, who taught at Temple University, also attended.

Dr. Grace Shu has been very active in business, health care, and politics at the local, state, and national levels for many years, as well as in international affairs. She is Chairman of the Asian American Voters Coalition, Minority Chair of the PA Lycoming County Republican Committee, Chairman of the China General Chamber of Commerce-New York, Chief Advisor to the City of Williamsport on International Affairs, a Senior Advisor to the U.S. Public Health Service, and a Senior Advisor to the China CDC, HIV/STD Control Center.

“China and the U.S. should use art and culture to forge better relationships with each other,” Dr. Grace Shu said. “Better understanding each other’s culture and history will hopefully lead to better relationships in other areas.”


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