Christian students share their stories

The following stories were written by students at Mountain View Christian School, South Williamsport.

Harrisburg Farm Show 2013

By Justin, age 8

My school went to a farm show. It was a mad house. I had French fries and ice cream.

We saw the rodeo, it was short. I saw baby chicks hatching they were so small and when they were still in their eggs I saw them wiggling. My family and I left early.

And there was a rabbit named Justin. I milked a fake cow; it was funny. I got an alpaca mask.


By Chanler, grade 8

MVCS went sledding and had a blast. The first time we went was very fun, we had sleds and snowboards. We walk to the South Side Pool Complex.

There is a big hill there so we grab our sleds-snowboards and started sledding. My teacher, Mr. Stahl, had a camera to catch all the fun moments we had.

We race and tried different things like going down backwards, sideways, on our stomachs, and more. I was with my friend Taylor the entire time and we thought it was awesome until our hands started to get really cold. So we walked back to the school and changed into our second pair of clothes.

Our second time we went to the park it was a lot more icy and slippery. The first time was snowier and made you cold faster.

When we went there the ice made it harder to walk back up the hills but I think that was the best time.

I had a really good time and I think you should get out there and have a good time too.

Harrisburg Farm Show 2013

By Trey, grade 4

My school went to the farm show yesterday. I saw a baby chick almost hatch at the farm show. I went to a rodeo at the farm show. I got to ride with Justin. We got peacock feathers. I got to hear a chicken. I saw a bunny that looked like my bunny.

I also got to see a bunny named Justin. There was a chicken named Dylan. Then we went home. My favorite thing was the animals. The least expected thing was a buggy race.

The State Farm Show

By Kayl, age 13, Grade 7

Yesterday my school and I went to the Pennsylvania State Farm Show. It was in Harrisburg. It took two hours to get there. It was huge. We paid $5 or so to park but then admission is free.

When we parked we rode a shuttle over to the main building. We then entered through the food court and when it is ten in the morning food smells pretty good. It was pretty packed and it was kinda hard to get around people so if you aren’t a people person, I don’t recommend the farm show.

There is a lot to see there. Our school decided to see the big arena first. We sat down and watched some barrel racing and then we got up and went to the smaller arena. We saw tractors here and some children were on these tricycle mini-tractors they were driving around a track.

After the smaller arena we went to the food court again to eat. In my opinion it was very good. There were chicken nuggets, fries, potato doughnuts, milkshakes, and pizza you name it was there. Then we went to see other stuff such as cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and ducks. There were baby chicks hatching you could watch. Also there were many different kinds of chickens.

There were other attractions like the famous butter sculpture they had there, venders and people giving information about their businesses, and how to take care and feed animals properly. And for those who enjoy farm equipment, there was a lot of that.

It sounds kinda boring I know but I really enjoyed it lot. Granted, it’s a lot of walking but I personal think it’s worth going just to see stuff and eat great food and just spend time educating your family and friends about animals and farm stuff and maybe just to do something out of the ordinary.

Whatever your motive, I think you should go.

Thank you so much to those who helped with this trip to make it possible.