Housing needed for PMEA musicians

Jersey Shore will host the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Region IV Band festival March 6 through 9.

One hundred sixty young musicians from Central and Northeast Pennsylvania will be participating. Over the past decades, hundreds of Jersey Shore musicians have attended these festivals and have been introduced to many communities throughout Pennsylvania.

Housing is needed for the young musicians from Wednesday evening to Saturday morning.

Those who choose to house a musician are required to provided a bed or a cot, breakfast in the morning and transportation to rehearsals at Jersey Shore Area High School.

The Jersey Shore Music Boosters will be contacting parents about this opportunity to meet some of the finest musicians in our state, but more help is needed from the community. Anyone who houses a musician will can attend the concert for free on March 8 to hear the ensemble.

For more information, contact Chris Lahr at clahr@ jsasd.k12.pa.us or 398-7170.