The privilege of a Catholic education

By Olivia Pierce, Freshman

In this beginning year of my high school career, I have begun to realize how fortunate I am to attend a Catholic private school.

Starting in our local Catholic school at the age of five, I have had the privilege of being taught by well-educated men and women who displayed a mastery of knowledge in their chosen fields within education.

In addition, these men and women have helped me to grow in my knowledge of the Catholic faith. The benefits of attending St. John Neumann Regional Academy are numerous, but several outrank the others.

As a student at St. John Neumann, the most important part of my school day is my Theology class.

Being able to talk openly about my faith and hold discussions based on Catholicism has helped me to develop a strong and eternal devotion to Jesus Christ.

Weekly attendance to our school Mass has aided the growth of my love for the Eucharist.

Conversations about the sacraments, Sacred Scripture, and the Magisterium help me understand the Catholic faith.

Although unrelated to Theology, having higher-level and more in-depth classes helps me succeed in mastering the knowledge of major subjects, including Algebra, English, Biology and History.

Small class size has a great effect on the amount of information absorbed and understood, and more one-on-one time is available with teachers.

Also, enriching foreign language courses aid my understanding of different cultures around the world.

Preparation for college is a major focus of St. John Neumann students and faculty. Several Advanced Placement courses are offered, including biology, United States government, calculus, literature and composition, and language and composition, to name a few.

These classes help students prepare for college-level courses, and students who score well on the Advanced Placement exams earn college credit.

In addition, our academy’s guidance counselor, Miss Abby Brown, cares deeply for the students and does all she can to prepare each one personally for a future career.

Rigorous courses and a solid guidance department aid students by training all pupils to reach a higher level of education.

Having received a private, Catholic education has benefited me greatly, and it will continue to assist my educational development before college.

The incorporation of God and Catholic theology in all classes is a privilege that I have begun to cherish after seeing other schools’ strict secularity.

Having small but rigorous classes and the option of college-level courses will benefit me when I continue to a higher education.

I would like to thank my parents, teachers and the administration for the privilege of being able to receive a superior education at St. John Neumann Regional Academy.