College seniors join for Senior Transitions Conference

100 plus seniors joined each other at the first Senior Transitions Conference on March 1.

Soon graduates of Mansfield University, Lock Haven University and Bloomsburg University joined each other on March 1 and 2 to gain the knowledge of what soon to expect in life after graduation.

Andee Dunham associate director for student life and student transition at Mansfield University opened up the opportunity for all students to join each other at the first senior conference, for Mansfield seniors within any major taught at the University.

The conference was held at the Holiday Inn, where the students also received a free night’s stay.

Different rooms were designated to teach different lessons like the ballroom dining hall where the seniors were taught how to dine properly at an interview setting and the hotel’s library where they learned things like evaluating a job offer and the benefits package.

During the entire conference seniors were asked to dress in business attire as if they were on a real job interview. Starting with breakfast each morning everyone got the chance to network with people outside of their own university on a professional level, exchange business cards and enjoy everyone’s company.

Each hour held a different event and presenter from all different majors and businesses around the area to explain things such as repaying student loans, projecting a professional image and creating a digital footprint on how to use social media for career networking.

“This senior conference defiantly was an eye opener; I got the chance to learn so much, the conference almost should be a requirement for seniors,” said Khalilah Tuck an education major at Mansfield University, who plans to graduate in May.

Students also were asked to bring their resumes to the conference where each student got the chance to go over their resume with professionals one-on-one.

“Over these two days I have gotten so many helpful tips and advice that definitely was helpful to me and I am so glad that I have gotten the chance to even have the privilege to be here, I bet the next conference will be even more enriching” Tuck said.

The first Senior Conference was a great success. All the students left feeling more confident about going into the work force and venturing off into the real world on their own.

“I really thought this conference was a great idea, my favorite part was the mock interviews where it was as if I was in a real interview but I actually got to get feedback,” said Destinee Harper, public relations senior at Mansfield University. “I was so glad it was free due to the many expenses I see coming my way after I graduate, I would absolutely recommend the conference to other seniors.”