Jersey Shore Middle School announces ‘ROCK’ recipients

JERSEY SHORE – Jersey Shore Area Middle School announced its “ROCK” Star Award recipients for the months of December and January.

“ROCK” stands for Respect yourself, Organize and plan for success, Care for people and property, and Keep on learning. As part of the schoolwide positive behavior initiative, school officials identified students who displayed “Universal Expected Behaviors” within the previous month.

Each teacher completes a certificate explaining why students are nominated. Award winners are announced during daily building-wide announcements and they receive a letter of invitation to attend a special ROCK Star breakfast served by principal Laura Milarch and assistant principal Keith Veldhuis.

ROCK Star recipients for the month of December were:

Grade 6 – Sean Anderson, Chris Bartholomew, Huntter Black-Murray, Mickael Clements, Kristen Cowfer, Matthew Fausey, Madison Lehman, Kayla Markley, Leah Paulhamus, Robert Reynolds, Michael Walker and Jeremy Wenger.

Grade 7 – Jared Barnes, Tori Brumbaugh, Emma Butzler, Dylan Fox, Madison Graff, Brandon Hoffman, Tyler Rae Laub, Dominic Maneval, Riley Markley, Kalee Rizzo, Kaitlyn Smith and Hannah Stroble.

Grade 8 – Jacob Corson, Luke Engel, Alyssa Flanigan, Jarrett Guthrie, Malachi Haag, Micah Haag, Zane Kaler, Alyssa Paulhamus, K C Quinn, Brandon Ranck, Allie Schweikart and Willy Stevenson. (No photo available).

ROCK Star recipients for the month of January were:

Bashirah Holmes, Nash Berfield, Kaitlin Bubb, Braden Guinter, Hannah Kauffman, Sierra Koons, Hailey Meixel, Austin Rayson, Jeremy Wenger, Dalton Esposito, Makenzie Grenoble, David Jameson, Sabrina Lucas, Zane Lundy, Montana Ohl, Brennon Reighard, Joshua Smeal, Miah Waltz, Ashlynn Wool, Conner Anderson, Collin Bilby, Cooper Bomboy, Courtney Dauberman, Wyatt Grieco, John Hoffman, Shaina Livermore, Wyatt Lorson, Julia Rockwell, Elizabeth Severino, Olivia Steppe, Desarie Stoetzel, Austin Wall, Abigail Watkins and Jordan Willits.