Student Spotlight

Coming from a musically-inclined family, it is no wonder that WAHS senior Lauren Taylor has a passion for music.

Growing up in a household with two parents who were music majors, Taylor remembers learning conducting patterns when she was three years old; and when her brother started playing the piano, she was very quick to follow in his footsteps.

“I was insanely jealous,” Taylor recalled, “so I started to teach myself with his books. One year later I was taking lessons.”

However, the piano only is one of the instruments that Taylor has mastered. She also plays the clarinet and the viola, as well as being vocally talented.

When asked what she believes to be her biggest achievement to date, Taylor fondly recalled participating in the PMEA State Orchestra Festival her junior year.

“I also think that becoming advanced on multiple instruments is a great achievement,” she said. “It’s hard to find time to practice multiple instruments and find time to put them in an ensemble.”

Music wasn’t always the career path that Taylor wanted to follow.

“Mr. Radspinner was the first person to suggest that I go to school for music,” Taylor said about her current orchestra director at the high school. “He’s always believed in my abilities, even when I didn’t.”

After high school, Taylor is “super stoked” to attend college for musical education.

To anyone who plays an instrument, Taylor says, “Never ever quit. When I was in fourth grade I ran into a period of ‘I hate piano.’ I begged my parents to let me quit, but they never let me. I was so fortunate! Piano is an amazing skill that I have not lost because I stuck with it. Now playing piano is one of my favorite things to do.”