Annual LHU Model United Nations at LHU

On March 4 and 5 Lock Haven University hosted the 42nd annual Model United Nations for area high school students. The program is a two-day simulation where delegations representing more than 100 member countries of the United Nations draft and debate resolutions on contemporary international issues. High schools bring from three to 20 delegations to the Model UN.

Central Mountain High School, Bucktail High School, Jersey Shore High School, Bellefonte High School, Bald Eagle Area High School, Williamsport Area High School and the Sugar Valley Rural Charter School are among the regular participants who attended this year.

This year delegates debated resolutions on three themes: The role of the U.N. in defining and securing the rights of children; Reforming the structure of the UN; and the role of the UN in international hotspots of Winter/Spring 2013. The LHU Model United Nations program takes no position on what role – if any – the UN should play in the world. It is up to the high school delegates to research international issues, to debate them, and to vote on them in the General Assembly sessions of the Model United Nations.

“Model UN provides an opportunity for participating high school students to investigate and interrogate history, politics, economics, cultures/societies and geography in the context of real global evils,” said Dr. Andrew Musila, director of the program.

According to Dr. Lawrence T. Farley, former program director, “the parliamentary nature of the Model UN helps the student participants to become more comfortable with official gatherings–such as city council and school board meetings. They become more assertive as citizens because of their experience at our Model UN. The student delegates see that orderly and courteous debate is an important learning process and is central to being an effective citizen.”

The Model United Nations program was begun by Dr. Jorge Mottet, a professor in the history department and later a director of international education at LHU. Dr. Farley took over the program when he arrived at LHU in 1979 directed the program for nearly three decades. Over the years many area high school students have participated in the program, which is the largest of the high school outreach programs operated by LHU 41 years non-stop.

All documents that define the Model UN program are available at the LHU Model United Nations High School Program webpage at, or email Dr. Musila at; amusi or call 484-2491 or 484-2163.