Bark For Life announces student writing contest winners

The American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life committee recently held a “Pawsome Pal” writing contest for elementary students. Many children submitted heartfelt entries as to why their dog is a special member of their family and the 2013 “Pawsome Pal” contest winners are Renee Frick, kindergarten, Stevens Elementary School; Emma Strickland, grade 2, Schick Elementary School; and Meghan Heim, grade 4, Sheridan Elementary School.

All of the above-mentioned contest winners will be recognized and awarded their certificates and prizes at the 4th annual Bark For Life event from 1 to 3 p.m. April 28 at the South Williamsport Pool Complex.

All community members and their licensed dogs are encouraged to attend the event to benefit the Relay For Life of Williamsport and the American Cancer Society. Below are the winning entries:

My Dog

By Renee Fricke

The first time we got Brooke, she was a puppy. I had to carry her because she couldn’t go up the stairs. Brooke is now 10. She just had a birthday. I got her a big bone and collar. Brooke is good because the first time we got her, she watched over me. She’d never let anybody hurt me. I want to sleep with her tonight. I feed her every day. I love her.

My Best Friend

By Emma Strickland

Rusty is a special part of my family because he plays fetch and tug-of-war. Once we play for awhile, I get very tired and fall asleep on the couch. Then, Rusty will snuggle up with me. I really wanted Rusty because I really wanted a dog to play with. He is a brittany spaniel and they are very hyper. I am also very hyper so that is a perfect match. Rusty is my best friend and a special part of my family. I love him so much!

My Dog Sadie

By Meghan Heim

My dog is a special member of the family because when I am sad, she comes up to me and makes me feel better. When my sister Lauren takes all the blankets at night, Sadie comes up and cuddles with me. My dog is a big help in the family. She sometimes jumps on people or fights over a cheeseball, but I love her anyway, and I’ve had lots of dogs in my days. I play with Sadie all of the time. I get one of her toys and play fetch with her. Even though Sadie fights with my kitten, Roxie, Sadie is still awesome. Some people say that she is bad and most of the neighbors say that she is a mutt, but she is not – she is the best dog in the WORLD!