Foreigners’ perspective on America

By Kendra Parke

Everyone wonders how their peers perceive them.

People also wonder how foreign countries view the United States of America.

Three of MAHS’s foreign exchange students were kind enough to inform their classmates of their views on the United States .

Each one comes from a variety of countries like China, Columbia or Germany.

Junior Johanna Stiles from Germany was asked about her thoughts on America and she said “Most of the things people imagine about the United States come from films or the lessons from school.”

Stiles was asked what her opinion is of America now that she is here and she said “The Americans are very nice but more lazy.”

Sophomore Maria Camila Duran from Colombia also was asked what her opinion of the United States and she said “Now that I know other parts of the country I like a lot of it.”

Duran also added “It is amazing how in only one country I’m able to find completely different cultures.”

According to Stiles the schools in Germany are different in the sense that they have no sports teams and school there is a lot harder.

Duran said that at her school the schedule is different every day and instead of students going to different rooms for different classes they stay in the same room and the teachers come to them to teach them their lessons.

Each one of the three girls have had different experiences living here in the United States.

Stiles and junior Tong Lin, from China, both say that the activity they enjoy in the U.S. that they have never tried before is track.

Lin says she has never done anything like track before but is willing to try it out.

Duran, on the other hand, said she enjoyed football, “I really loved it, being able to see my classmates playing or watching the game.”

Lin was questioned about topics like gun laws and what they are like in her country.

Lin said “The people in my country cannot buy guns in the stores.”

Lin also said “Government won’t allow us to have guns freely.”

Duran also was questioned about Colombia’s gun laws.

Duran said that in Colombia guns are prohibited, but to have one you must have a special permit.

The exchange students were also asked about laws on alcohol in their country.

Duran said that in Colombia the drinking age is 18, but isn’t respected and that usually at special occasions like weddings or on New Year’s Eve anyone from 14 years old and up have a drink.

Lin said “In China we don’t really have a certain age to drink, it might just depend on the parents.”

According to Stiles, in Germany you can start drinking alcohol at the young age of 16.

From all of the exchange students answers United States seems to have the highest drinking age among Germany, China, Colombia and the United States,

Each one of the country’s have similarities and differences from the United States as shown by MAHS’s foregin exchange students.

Duran also was asked what people in her country tend to think of the United States and she said that most people think of it as a nice place to vacation but isn’t a nice place to live.

From some of the answers given by the foreign exchange students the United States might have to step up their game, and become an even better country so people from other countries can appreciate it for what it is.