Gabbing about the Ground Floor

By Taylor Akers

It’s a Saturday night. You could be loitering around the mall or watching another movie in the local theater but instead, there are lights shining into your eyes as metaphorical lightning bolts and happiness spew out of the speakers. You are at the Ground Floor.

Every month, the Ground Floor presents a show for all ages who are stuck in the normal weekend routine.

The show features multiple, metal bands who, although have selling records, are still not well known to the community.

The most recent presentation at the Ground Floor was called “Party in the Pit,” which was an event held in memory of 19-year-old Joshua D’Andrea Andy, who died in a car crash in March last year.

“Party in the Pit” was the second show honoring his life and was my first Ground Floor experience.

The venue, which underwent rennovations, expanded to a capacity of 500 people. Although the room wasn’t filled completely, it was still slightly crowded, holding about 200, sweaty, fist-pumping, people.

“Party in the Pit” featured metal/rock bands: “Us, From Outside,” “A Feast For Kings,” “The Teeth,” “Faylene Sky,” “From Atlantis” and the favorites of the night, “Good Luck Varsity” and “My Heart To Fear.”

The metal bands, (classified as “screamo” to some) didn’t waste any time as “A Feast For Kings” opened the seven hour concert.

Completely terrified and slightly in awe, I could only stare at the assumed human screaming down from the stage.

The Ground Floor concerts are normally held in the basement of City Church and, naturally, I was a little caught-off-guard from the music selection of the night, especially because of the location.

After the few songs were performed by a certain band, they would move off stage and maintenance would begin setting up for the following act.

During this, the audience would rather sit and wait for the couple minutes, get a drink, go to the bathroom or just whatever they felt like doing.

However, as soon as the next act started playing, the audience would resume their normal rock concert actions. These actions are referred to as “moshing” or “raving.” Along with this one form of dance is the famed “stage dive.”

Sophomore Rachael Simpler, was one of the people at “Party in the Pit.”

“It was pretty scary at first but I had a good time.”

Similar acts of violence weren’t rare. According to The Ground’s Facebook page, there were a total of four injuries from “Party in the Pit.”

“I think the scariest part of the show was when there were people circling around other people, dancing crazily,” said sophomore Rebecca Stoner. This form is what is called a mosh pit.

The Ground Floor is located in the basement of City Church in Williamsport. The church is described as “non-denominational, charismatic, reformed and evangelical.” The church mainly focuses on community events and building lasting relationships through faith.

The City Church also has weekly youth groups and other community events.

Despite the bands’ genre of music, they are required to have some sort of religious message. The local favorite “My Heart to Fear” is just one of those bands.

Lead singer and screamer, Trevor Pool took a break between songs just to deliver a speech to the youthful audience, praising all that they do and inspiring them through a religious standpoint.

Although the next show isn’t posted yet, students who are interested should expect a show next month.

The tickets are about $10 and individuals can come and go as they please.

Whatever the reason for being interested, I highly recommend the Ground Floor venue for entertainment and interaction within the community.