Jackson Elementary student writes essay


Grade 3

Once, Mrs. Cuozzo lost her glasses, which she calls her eyeballs. So, she called the solve it detectives: Julia, Emily, Jade and Taylor. They came as soon as they could in their bright red Jeep.

When they got inside, Emily asked, “Where did you set them, Mrs. Cuozzo?” She said she set them on her desk.

Julia asked, “Was anyone near your desk at the time?” Mrs. Cuozzo said, “Yes.”

Then Jade asked, “Who?” Mrs. Cuozzo said, “Breanna and Mychal.”

“Okay,” said Taylor. “Where are they?”

“They’re at recess,” said Mrs. Cuozzo. Jade says she will go get them.

Finally they arrived. Mychal asked, “Are we in trouble Mrs. Cuozzo?”

“One of you are!” said Mrs. Cuozzo. “Now,” said Julia, “which one of you took Mrs. Cuozzo’s glasses?”

Mychal said, she walked over to Mrs. Cuozzo’s desk to get the library pass. Breanna said she walked over to Mrs. Cuozzo’s desk to staple her papers.

Then Mrs. Cuozzo spotted another pair of glasses on her desk. Mrs. Cuozzo said, “Look!”

Taylor went over and picked up the glasses. Mrs. Cuozzo said, “Those are Julissa’s glasses.”

Jade went down and go Julissa. Julissa has Mrs. Cuozzo’s glasses in her hand.

Jade asked, “Where did you get those?” Julissa said she got them off of Mrs. Cuozzo’s desk. Julissa said she would explain. She said she set her glasses on Mrs. Cuozzo’s desk then she came back to get them. She didn’t know she grabbed Mrs. Cuozzo’s glasses.

“So,” said Julissa, “am I still in trouble?” “No,” said Mrs. Cuozzo. “You told the truth and it was not on purpose.”

“So,” said Jade, “the whole thing was nothing.”

Then the detectives jumped out the window and landed on their backs. Then hopped into the Jeep and drove away back in school.

Mrs. Cuozzo said, “How do they do that?” Then Julissa hugged Mrs. Cuozzo and said, “Here’s your glasses!” Mrs. Cuozzo smiled and said, “Here’s your glasses!”